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Areas and Localities in Sonbhadra

SonbhadraSonbhadra district in Uttar Pradesh is the second biggest district in the state which homes a huge population. The district also shares its boundary with four other states in Northern India namely Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh. The important localities or cities or towns in the district are the district headquarters Robertsganj, Renukoot, Chopan, Madhupur, Ganguar, Uttar Mohal, Ghuaskalan, New colony, Churk, Shahganj, Jogaeal, Obra, Vilemar Kundi, Tilgudwa, Dudhinagar, Kuldomari, Anpara, Parasi, Bina, Shakti Nagar, Ranitali, Renusagar, Kota, Kon, Channai, Markundi, Billi Bari, Muirpur, Sundari, Nemna, Marcharhori and Rihand Nagar Dorahar. All these localities are very well connected in terms of roadways and certain localities are even connected through railways.

Sonbhadra District Headquarters

Robertsganj, the district headquarters, forms the heart of the district and also homes many major government institutions like the district court and the railway station. It a highly commercial city of the district that functions numerous shopping centers, eateries, hotels and many other commercial establishments. It is in Robertsganj the state highways UP SH 5 and UP SH 5A enter the district and gets merged. The UP SH 5A runs from top to bottom of the city forming a major source of transportation and connecting the area with most of the major localities in the district.

Renukoot and Renusagar

Renukoot is yet another popular city in the district which operates the Hi Tech carbon plant which is a power plant equipment supplier in the district. The city homes popular hospital like the Hindalco hospital, Hindalco library and Renukoot railway station. The NH 75 and UP SH 5A run through this city. Renukoot is very close to Govind Ballabh Pant Sagar and Renu River. Renusagar city in Sonbhadra district also lies very close to Govind Ballabh Pant Sagar reservoir and it homes the Renusagar Thermal power plant which is one of the biggest power plant in Sonbhadra which covers acres of plot. Other popular landmarks in the city are the Renusagar health centre and Renusagar ramlila ground.

Anpara and Shakti Nagar

Anpara city is popular for its Heart Lake, Anpara Market, Ramlila Maidan and private banks. This city is sited very close to the boundary of its neighboring state Madhya Pradesh. The NH 75 runs through the Anpara city. Shakti Nagar town close to Anpara is very popular for Chatt Puja Lake, Chilka Lake, Nandan Kanan Park, Jwalamukhi temple and B-type Colony Park. This town in the district is a good spot for one day picnic. NH 75 also runs through Shakti Nagar. This town also homes Shakti Nagar railway station and a police station.

Obra, Chopan and Dudhi Nagar

Obra in Sonbhadra is sited on the banks of Rihand River and it is also very close to Sone River. The UP SH 5A runs close to Obra. This locality has numerous small water bodies and it owns the Obra Dam railway station. Chopan lies close to Obra. The Sone River flows through this city and it is also popular for UPPCL substation and Chopan railway station. Dudhi Nagar is another popular locality in the district which forms the border of Sonbhadra. This locality is close to Shivaji Talaab. Also in Dubhi Nagar the UP SH 5 joins with NH 75.

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