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What is a Pincode?

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post. In India, the Pin-code is 6 digits long. First digit means region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code. India has a total of nine PIN zones.

Sonbhadra Pincode / Post Office Search (SONBHADRA, Uttar Pradesh)

Akchhor B.O 231216SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
Arangpani B.O 231208SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
Asanahar B.O 231223SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
Babhani B.O 231208SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
Badgaon B.O 231215SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
Bahuar B.O 231216SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
Bahuara B.O 231216SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
Bairpan B.O 231225SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
Bairpur B.O 231208SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
Banki B.O 231213SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
Banvasi Seva Ashram B.O 231221SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
Beej Pur S.O 231223SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
Beena Project S.O 231220SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
Belhatthi B.O 231217SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
Bharahari B.O 231215SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
Billi Markundi B.O 231219SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
Chapki B.O 231223SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
Chatarvar B.O 231215SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
Churk S.O 231206SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
Dalla S.O 231207SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
Dharnipur B.O 231216SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
Dharti Dand B.O 231223SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
Dohari B.O 231215SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
Dudhi S.O 231208SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
Ekdari B.O 231208SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
Gadia B.O 231208SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
Ghaghari B.O 231223SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
Gurma Markundi S.O 231209SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
Hathwani B.O 231208SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
Hinauta B.O 231216SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
Jarhan B.O 231223SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
Jharo Khurd B.O 231208SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
Jugail B.O 231215SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
Kachnarwa B.O 231226SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
Kaithi B.O 231216SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
Kakari Project S.O 231224SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
Kandhaura B.O 231225SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
Khadia Project S.O 231222SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
Khairahi B.O 231216SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
Khairpur B.O 231216SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
Khajura B.O 231218SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
Khokha Karahia B.O 231208SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
Kirbil B.O 231208SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
Kone B.O 231226SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
Kota B.O 231207SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
Kudari B.O 231215SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
Kudwan B.O 231226SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
Maachi B.O 231213SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
Madhupura B.O 231216SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
Majhi Dand B.O 231213SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
Mudiladeeh B.O 231215SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
Myorpur B.O 231208SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
Nadhira B.O 231223SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
Nai Bazar B.O 231216SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
Nandana B.O 231213SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
Narokhar B.O 231216SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
Obra S.O (Sonbhadra) 231219SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
Obra Thermal S.O 231219SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
Oeni Mishra B.O 231216SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
Padarachh B.O 231207SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
Pakarhat B.O 231213SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
Pakari B.O 231208SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
Panari B.O 231219SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
Panauli B.O 231215SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
Pannuganj B.O 231213SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
Parasi Dubey B.O 231216SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
Parsoi B.O 231219SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
Pauni B.O 231213SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
Pindari B.O 231223SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
Radhore B.O 231225SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
Raipur B.O 231213SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
Rajkhad B.O 231208SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
Ram Garh S.O 231213SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
Rampur B.O 231213SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
Renukoot S.O 231217SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
Renusagar S.O 231218SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
Retikala B.O 231213SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
Rizul B.O 231215SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
Robertsganj S.O 231216SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
Sahijankala B.O 231216SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
Sandi B.O 231213SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
Sarvat B.O 231215SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
Satbahani B.O 231208SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
Shahganj B.O 231215SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
Shivpur B.O 231213SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
Siddhi Kala B.O 231216SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
Siltham B.O 231213SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
Sindoor B.O 231223SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
Sukhdevanand Ashram B.O 231217SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
Sukrut B.O 231216SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
Tarawan B.O 231216SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
Tendu B.O 231216SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
Turra S.O 231221SonbhadraUttar Pradesh
Wyndhamganj S.O 231226SonbhadraUttar Pradesh

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